Brainlab Robotic Navigation

Elevating spine surgery at every level: Robotics, Imaging, Optimization, Position, Control, and Functionality. Speak to your spine surgeon about Brainlab Robotic Navigation.

Misonix Bone Scapel

The misonix uses ultrasonic technology to cut through bone while preserving critical structures. This technology reduces blood loss and operative time, while also allowing greater harvest of bone autograft to enable higher fusion rates.


The sonopet uses ultrasonic technology as a surgical aspirator. This technology is helpful in decompressing/removing spinal tumors that are in close proximity to nerves of the spinal cord.

Open MRI

A unique achievement in high-field imaging, Velocity MRI's truly open architecture features an advanced magnet design, technology, and imaging capabilities. The investment in this MRI provides an unobstructed viewing angle for confidence in imaging.


Enables a seamless X-ray experience from skull to pelvis, reducing radiation exposure and success in imaging for accurate reading.